Tunnel Summer

by Peachpit

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released 22 March 2013
Homemade in the 292 basement.

Artwork by Sam Waxman.



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Books
Threw gold dust in our eyes
Just happy
Straight wastin' the time

Watch you bloom
In place
'Til your blown away
Always counting the days
On every floor that
You've laid

You push them letters around
All those papers to be bound
Before the Summers end

Fought a war
Out in the snow
Played careless
Chain smoke in the cold

I would steal
Your name
From a loose leaf page
That i found in the park

It was faded
And washed out
Handwritten, no doubt
In your scrawl

And you, oh, you
My Indian siren
At the back of the hall

Oh, I've arranged myself
An Island
'Til you come rowing ashore
Keep on blowing
Through the door
Just short of key
Track Name: Fire To The Bedroom
What's the point in living
A life that's not your own?

You go on just believing
Pretending you don't know

You often wonder why
Why you even bother

In the bedroom
In your mind
They got you locked inside

Will you make sure that
I stand up straight
Looking down from the wire?

Am I cursed to spend
My happy days
Trying to put out a fire?

Out a fire
Track Name: Gettingonlike
Take a swing
Come take a swing with me
Getting light
Getting on like we ought
To be

And we've got
And we've got
And we've got

To be
Our only hands
Put the spell on, please
And It's like a foreign language
That you cannot speak out

Pick me up
Fill me up on luck
Let me leak
Come on let me
Fuck this up
It's fuck-ing up

And it's just another night
Another riot affair
Can't go home, can't grow up
Always clocking
In and out of it
Out of it

You alright