Come Down Pilgrim

by peachpit

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Subpar Co-star Love this album. One of my favorite artists out of Boston and this record does not disappoint. A mixture of beautiful compositions and white washes of noise crashing into each other to create a fantastically dynamic album. Not too mention, a great lyricist with strong harmonies to round out this album. Favorite track: Daydream Disbeliever.
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released September 26, 2014

recorded by peachpit and alex miller



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Track Name: Dear Lord
Lord, let me be
Help me see the man in me
Keep my wife
Keep my child in your company

Please, take your time
Make it rain
Let it shine
Let it come
Let it go with all creation

Oh, Lord
I am helpless
I am beaten
I am tired

And Lord
I am speechless
But I pray to you in quiet

Oh, Lord
I ain't perfect
But I know my heart is good

And Lord
I am wordless
But I know I'm understood
Track Name: Lucky Mirror
Gonna buy myself a lucky mirror today
Got my fingers crossed
On a pocketful of change

Gonna ride downtown
Wait up for the man in boots
Gonna hang myself
Up on a dream or two
Speed on through the afternoon

Going to the teller
Gonna get my fortune weighed
Gonna write my folks a letter
Tell 'em Jesus called my name

Gonna find myself a pretty garden
In the sun
Gonna lay right down
Turn a page or two
Let the insects have their fun

Have their fun
Have some fun
Have their fun

Track Name: Daydream Disbeliever
What a golden day
To waste away
Trying to feed my mouth
Some words to say

But every time
I move my lips
I only hear some
Stranger’s voice

I try to sound out something straight
But all I ever hear is noise

There’s only nothing in between us
It’s vast enough
To blank you out
There’s nothing that’ll come between us
But checking out

Such a splendid time
To waste inside
Trying to paste some thoughts
Inside my mind

Jesus’ creatures
Crowd my picture frame
In galavanting hordes

I try to please them
But i swear they’ll only
Nail me to the floor

There ain’t no heaven down beneath us
There ain’t no hell sweeter than now
It’s getting harder hard-believin’
Just checking out
Track Name: Servitude Blues
It's beating every morning
It's a beat down breaking day
And all creations' glory
Just sucks my air away

And visions, yeah, I see them
And I feel their eyes on me
Some voices call you crazy
When the animals reign free

Some skin is made for changing
My kind will do just fine
When judgment day comes raining
Be no stutter on my line

And all your being
With its beauty and it's crimes
All alone dreaming
Getting wise on wasting

I'm spitting human nature
Conditions so divine
And when creation's shaking
Will you cash in for the ride?

But ghosts aren't always holy
When I feel their hands in mine
Whose blood will you be drinking
When yr. sipping on the vine?

Some fools are born for praising
My fool's the loving kind
No book bound for explaining
All the visions in my mind

One hundred million sunbeams
Burn inside of you
Such precious flowers
Will be rescued from this view

I'm born for being
With my glory and my trial
I'll do my serving
In a serviceable
Track Name: Isadoria
And she dreams
In mercurial slang
Trying to speed
Her light ray through
The aperture

Rides a page
In bullet trains

Of the Isle
What’s left of the child
What lies for the heroine
Asleep in the well?

And she dreams
Of bitter things like dying
She believes
In better things than dying

All the stones
Bound to her feet
Would not capture her

And the well
All black with ink weeps for

In the beams
She burns crystalline
The heat of her vision
Covering me
Track Name: Sunday to Monday
Sunday to Monday
Sleep on the phone
Midnight’s a gas
Light a fire for the cold

Pillows feel nice
But the candlelight's glib
Lets monologue
How to be saved again

Monday to Tuesday
And back round again
Safety’s a prison
A lock and a pen

Writing feels right
But to no one seems droll
I'll tell you all about it
If you return my calls

Wednesday to Friday
I’m skipping again
The record seems broken
But it’s nobody’s win

Dangers are quiet
And much stranger and quaint
At the end of all time
When you’re no one to save
Track Name: Modlife
Everything’s the rage
In the modern age
Everyone gets born
A star

Every dream is real
Anyone can feel
Painless and sublime
And right

But if you want to die
You can try and try
But there is no end
To the modern life

All the animals
Copulate in droves
There’s no hungry mouths
To feed

There’s no poverty
All the money’s free
And the fortune never
Spends dry

But if you want a ride
To the other side
You’ll just wait and wait
In this modern

6 - 7 - All good children go to Heaven

You may as well
Join the party now
There’s no room to escape it

Make some friends
Come in, settle down
Have a drink
Life is good and swell
Life’s a gas, life goes on and on
Oh, well

No more loneliness
Heartbreak or regret
Everyone has love
To waste away