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Everything’s the rage
In the modern age
Everyone gets born
A star

Every dream is real
Anyone can feel
Painless and sublime
And right

But if you want to die
You can try and try
But there is no end
To the modern life

All the animals
Copulate in droves
There’s no hungry mouths
To feed

There’s no poverty
All the money’s free
And the fortune never
Spends dry

But if you want a ride
To the other side
You’ll just wait and wait
In this modern

6 - 7 - All good children go to Heaven

You may as well
Join the party now
There’s no room to escape it

Make some friends
Come in, settle down
Have a drink
Life is good and swell
Life’s a gas, life goes on and on
Oh, well

No more loneliness
Heartbreak or regret
Everyone has love
To waste away


from Come Down Pilgrim, released September 26, 2014



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