Servitude Blues

from by peachpit



It's beating every morning
It's a beat down breaking day
And all creations' glory
Just sucks my air away

And visions, yeah, I see them
And I feel their eyes on me
Some voices call you crazy
When the animals reign free

Some skin is made for changing
My kind will do just fine
When judgment day comes raining
Be no stutter on my line

And all your being
With its beauty and it's crimes
All alone dreaming
Getting wise on wasting

I'm spitting human nature
Conditions so divine
And when creation's shaking
Will you cash in for the ride?

But ghosts aren't always holy
When I feel their hands in mine
Whose blood will you be drinking
When yr. sipping on the vine?

Some fools are born for praising
My fool's the loving kind
No book bound for explaining
All the visions in my mind

One hundred million sunbeams
Burn inside of you
Such precious flowers
Will be rescued from this view

I'm born for being
With my glory and my trial
I'll do my serving
In a serviceable


from Come Down Pilgrim, released September 26, 2014



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